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Hurray was started to help the students, aspiring job seekers and working professionals improve their communication skills and confidence building. We at HURRAY work towards the goal of making you communicate freely. The trainers assess the requirement and the competency of the participants by administering questionnaires and map their skill level and objectives of the individuals against the set curriculum, following which changes are incorporated. The sessions are highly interactive with relevant role plays and fun games. The results are measured on a session wise basis, and the trainers ensure that the by the end of the workshop every individual achieves a considerable improvement in his/her own skills. We customize training modules and programs based on the need of the participants for improvement and learning. Our training programs and performance support tools are designed to increase productivity and improve access to opportunities.

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In 2013, Hurray has become an authorized partner of IDP Australia. We provide access to the best training content for IELTS. Highly experienced trainers impart training with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Teaching Methodlogy?

We follow a methodology which fulfills the needs of the learner and therefore the model is not the traditional presentation. Our learner-centered approaches include Task-BasedLearning andObjective-based learning.

  • We integrate task based learning in our curriculum and we assign a task to each student after a brief lecture. It focuses on students’ needs by putting them into situations that help use all their resources to deal with them. This approach helps in grooming the inherent skills of students.
  • For the purpose of training the candidates on competitive exams and projects, we adopt Objective based learning. The teacher’s role is to monitor and facilitate, providing access to information and helping with accessories where necessary, and giving students opportunities to get the best score or result.
  • Our software and ERP programs follow task based learning which helps them understand the concepts and implement them practically.
  • We believe the learning process encompasses all activities such as comprehension, practice sessions and presentation. We ensure that students present their strengths effectively without hesitation.


We follow a methodology which fulfills the needs of the learner and therefore the model is not the traditional presentation. Our learner-centered approaches include Task-BasedLearning and Objective-based learning.

  • Curriculum is often misunderstood as a complicated term and is restricted to the content of the textbook available for the course. We believe that curriculum is a plan and the results of a planned process are more effective compared to the results of an unplanned process.
  • The effectiveness of a curriculum can rely on the material selected for the course, productionand the development of the whole process. It is possible to identify the target proficiency objectives if the means required to help achieve the same are clear.
  • We incorporate testing as a method of assessment to measure the level of deviation of individual performance from the desired performance. Our curriculum is coherent and result oriented, but we do have space for innovation. We think changes are required for fine tuning the curriculum and benefitting the dynamic needs of our market.


  • PwC
  • Ernst & young
  • HCL
  • ITC Infotech
  • Social Labs DNA
  • Sound of music
  • Trisys
  • Orange County
  • Kesoram Industries
  • Computer Solutions East
  • KELLY Services
  • Event1001

Why students accept for Hurray?

As Hurray consultancy is well-connected with a network of reputed companies, our team can help you access a pool of opportunities. We are known for our screening tools and methodologies in the recruitment industry.
There are different kinds of people seeking jobs and we cater to them based on their preferences and availability of vacancies in the market. Freshers need directions and suggestions to win their first job and undoubtedly it has to be the right choice as well. We play the role of mentor and guide in their journey. On the other hand, experienced professionals are looking for career enhancement and variety in the job market. We help them in making the right choice among various career options available.
We offer career consultation service to people who do not have clarity on their career roadmap. As Hurray supports train and hire modeling, we can also help train a fresher and place him/her in companies if they are eligible for the profile.

How long will it take to become Hurray certified?

Hurray classes for each respective path, are scheduled twice a week for a three month period, giving students the opportunity to have a collection of worldwide recognized certifications by the start of 2014.

How do I choose my Hurray study path?

All prospective students are invited to meet Hurray director of studies to discuss the various study paths available and choose a path which will lead them to their preferred career. Every student is encouraged to choose a career path based on the subjects they love, their aspirations, personality and ambitions.

What does a Hurray Career Path include?

Students who qualify for any of the Hurray career paths will have access to a unique mentorship programme allowing them to take advantage from one to one attention from some of the island’s most seasoned tutors, practical hands on experience, use of the latest technology, career guidance, access to an online student area as well as invitations to attend group sessions with academics to explore career opportunities. Hurray students will be given the chance to take part in local and international competitions as well as attend high profile events where they will be able to show their talent to key industry leaders.

Recruitment Methodology?

Hurray’s recruitment team gathers information about the nature of the jobs available in the market and how it fits into the organization’s structure. Secondly, the skills and personal attributes needed to perform the role effectively are listed out. After this phase, the search for the right candidates begins.
As we receive humongous number of applications from job seekers, the screening process needs to be very efficient for a good success rate. We shortlist the prospective candidates based on their qualifications, experience and skills mentioned in their profiles.
The shortlisted candidates have to undergo a detailed assessment phase that might include General interview, Competency-based interview, In-tray exercises and Role play. Then we forward the details of those, who have been able to get through the tests, to our clients.
Hurray recruitment team offers end-to-end support till you join the company that provides you the opportunities to grow and prosper.

Train & Hire Model

The search for talent has become a burden as the employability factor is closely linked to the skill set and not just the qualifications.It is a challenge for all organizations to train and groom the shortlisted candidates on the required skills.
Hurray has the “Train and Hire model” as part of our servicesand we provide a special program on key performance areas which are identified as vital components of the job profiles in organizations.
This model equips employees with the domain knowledge before they joinan organization. Firstly, we identify suitable candidates from various sources and assess them through our stringent testing process, and then we train them with the customized training content. Finally, we send job-ready employees to the organizations and they wouldn’t face much difficulty as they are familiar with the skill specifications and job requirements.

It gets better… AND BETTER.

“We have a bright history of having moulded some of the finest minds in professional fields in firms ranging from corporate giants to start-up companies. We have been quite influential even in the economic sector, mentoring some fine caliber in banks and insurance companies. Made just for you, this dream-come-true project makes sure we serve our students. We shall be with you in every step of your growth. Just remember, your betterment is our aim. Your success is our victory!”

“And guess what? We are now authorized partners of the prestigious IDP Australia!!! With this new, exciting venture in hand, we are all set to blast off Bangalore’s best courses in IELTS, Communication Courses, ERP Courses, Software courses etc. Set in the heart of Bangalore, we provide you with the most cordial atmosphere, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a quick and easy access to books and technology. Not to forget the most helpful and cheerful crew to guide you through our brilliantly arranged sessions!”

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Opportunity of achieving International Certifications

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