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Why Opt for Overseas Education?

Global citizenship is the order of the day! Study abroad, hence, is a great way to imbibe the spirit of connecting to global issues and become a proactive participant in contributing to global good. Here are some of the reasons that most study abroad aspirants share about their inclination to experience their education in another country:

Multiple courses to choose from:

There is a wide range of courses to choose from, specially in countries like the US, the UK, Australia and Canada. Students aspiring to be in the field of entrepreneurship specially look for advanced courses in universities abroad.

Exposure to quality education:

Students experience a world beyond lecture-driven classes and rote learning to merely remember concepts. There are huge opportunities to engage in inter-cultural dialogue exchange, case studies, and practical off and on campus experiences. The emphasis on application of classroom learning in solving real-world issues attracts a large number of Indian students to overseas education.

Better research opportunities:

This benefit is not only for students in research-centric fields in science (biology, medicine, engineering, etc); in fact, many students in the art and culture streams have also benefitted from pursuing their research in universities abroad. Britain, Canada, Australia and US are some of the countries that offer high-quality research facilities.

Financial reasons:

Notably, many students opt to study abroad because the fees in many foreign universities are less compared to top-quality universities/institutes in India!

Why Choose HURRAY for fulfilling your Overseas Education dreams?

Since its genesis eight years ago, HURRAY has been a proactive participant in building a mentoring ecosystem for study abroad aspirants. Our range of activities in the Overseas Education sphere spans from one-on-one counseling sessions to visa application to loan assistance to post-landing services. Among the students who have benefitted from our counseling are also those from the humble background who had initial inhibitions about living their dreams. Below are some of HURRAY’s key offerings in Overseas Education:

Individual-focused One-on-One Session with Counselors: You get free access to our Overseas Education Counseling experts in your first one-on-one counseling session. This session would help clear a lot of doubts you could be having about study abroad.

Profile Building: HURRAY counselors help guide you in building your profile in a way that effectively encapsulates your qualifications to match the requirements of the country.

IELTS/PTE Courses to boost chances of admissions: HURRAY’s high-quality trainings in language proficiency tests like IELTS (International English Language Testing Services), PTE (Pearson Test of English—Academic) have helped many candidates build suitable academic profiles for applying in universities abroad.

Mentoring Assistance in Program, University and Country Selection: Avail yourself of individual-focused information on the program, University and the country that would best match your requirements.

Guidance on application process : This includes the documents you would require for presentation to the University–Statement of Purpose (SoP), Letter of Recommendation (LoR).

Visa assistance: Counseling ranges from filling out Visa application forms, preparing financial statements, and preliminary guidance on preparing for mock interviews, among others.

Loan assistance: Right financial plans, after all, are a big step towards living your overseas education dreams! HURRAY’s overseas education mentors carry their experiences of staying abroad and are highly perceptive of what financial strategies can work best.

Post-departure Assistance: The services here include airport pickup (in collaboration with the respective universities you get admitted into), assistance in finding accommodation, medical insurance, and assistance in opening bank accounts.

General Queries

Which countries does HURRAY help candidates to apply for study in?

Although HURRAY offers counseling for application in seven main countries—the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Canada, we can also help you connect to universities in other countries through our partners.

I do not have the required scores to apply to courses abroad. Is there any chance I can still apply?

In fact, many universities consider your work experience, skills sets, and most importantly, your entrepreneurial experiences while evaluating your application. A lot depends on profile building, and HURRAY has a big role to play here



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