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HURRAY’s Online IELTS Training is aimed at reaching out to aspirants who could be looking for mentoring support in all the four modules of Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. These courses are specially beneficial for candidates who could be a full-time or part-time professional, and have Internet facility in the space they are accessing the training from.

Who will benefit from this course

• Anyone planning to take the IELTS (Academic)
• Anyone planning to immigrate to countries where IELTS score is a requirement
• Anyone planning to undergo overseas education in an English-speaking country
• Anyone planning to improve their IELTS scores

The core features of HURRAY’s online IELTS training course

One-on-one, Skype-based

A candidate can connect to a HURRAY mentor over Skype or any other online platform from the comfort of his/her home, or from any space with a strong Internet connection. The classes are of 30-45 minutes duration.

Online Demo Classes

Access free online demo classes from the comfort of your home. Timings: 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm (Monday and Wednesday).

Four slots to choose from

A candidate can choose from any of the slots, based on their convenience: early morning, afternoon, midday, and late evenings.

Tips and techniques, and feedback

Cracking the IELTS exam, as affirmed by a lot of IELTS takers, comes with learning the most effective strategies towards approaching it. A candidate opting for HURRAY’s online IELTS can avail themselves of these tips and techniques during online interactions with their mentors. What’s more, candidates are also given periodic feedback on the areas that could need focused preparation.

A brief overview of the course


• Resources and guidance on vocabulary building
• Becoming familiar with typical IELTS topics and question types
• Practice tests on improving your fluency
• Mock speaking tests with an IELTS trainer


• Familiarisation with the listening test formats and question-types
• Developing IELTS exam techniques
• Resources and mentoring on vocabulary building
• Practice tests


• Tips and guidance on building occasion-appropriate language in writing letters (General training module)
• Developing language and strategies in anlaysing graphs (Academic module)
• An in-house step-by-step program designed to develop your IELTS writing skills
• Becoming familiar with tips and techniques in essay writing
• One-on-one-feedback on written work
• Mentor guidance and suggestions on improving one’s IELTS writing skills based on assignments


• Brushing up on one’s general reading skills
• Tips and techniques towards answering IELTS reading test questions
• Practice sessions on effective reading techniques
• Strategies to expand lexical resource—a key component in reading
• Essential tips on grammar and punctuations

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