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The Hurray Story!

Hurray! — an expression symbolising triumph, joy and pleasure. The HURRAY student-centered excellence is rooted in bringing ease and pleasure into learning a language in a time-bound model. After all, learning a language in the professional realm may not be as much fun as picking a language as a hobby, and can be filled with monotony, frustration and self-doubts! It is here that HURRAY is trying to make a difference.

HURRAY was launched in 2010 when Mrs. Chandrabati Chatterjee and Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee—who had just returned from their stint in Europe–saw grassroot level professionals unable to grow in their careers over their inability to speak and write in English!  From its launch as a niche language-training initiative, HURRAY gradually expanded its base towards mentoring MNC professionals, who were losing out on that much-desired promotion over their weak communication skills in English.

HURRAY’s foray into IELTS, PTE (Pearson Test of English Academics) and overseas education began upon the request of many of their existing students—who aspired to study and work abroad. Besides blending some of the effective practices in training from their work experiences abroad, HURRAY eventually partnered with time-honored institutes like the British Council and IDP Education, towards enhancing the training experiences of their students and trainers.

Since its launch in 2010, HURRAY has created a repertoire of success stories with students. One lady, for instance, had approached HURRAY after her 8th attempt of taking the IELTS with a low-score. Under the guidance of our excellent mentors, she could get the score she desired for.

HURRAY’s overseas education and immigration counselors ensure students and job seekers aspiring to work/study abroad get the best guidance in planning their life overseas.

Team HURRAY comprises mentors, experts, and trainers who advise students based on their educational background, qualification, aspirations, and requirements. Each student/job seeker receives a personalised package based on their requirement/personal aptitude, which aids in decision-making and future plans. This commitment makes us one of the Best IELTS/PTE training centres in Bangalore.

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