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We have the domain experience and the technological depth to address a range of challenges that the manufacturing industries face. Our team of experts has helped many leading global manufacturing companies leverage IT to optimize their production processes and integrate operational requirements with enterprise-level decision-making.

To maintain a competitive edge in this increasingly complex environment, manufacturers today have to look beyond traditional means towards creating new value chains which encourage collaboration, reduce overheads and liabilities, expedite products to market, and understand which products their targeted markets desire.

Hurray expertise in SAP solutions and provides ERP consulting and services to progressive manufacturers thereby acquainting them with:

  • Automated solutions to achieve exponential savings and improve profit margins
  • Globally competent solutions to sustain competitive edge and increase market share
  • Effective information system to increase manufacturing performance
  • Our expertise in manufacturing solutions which reduce the time to market and help to outperform the competition

Our manufacturing solutions include:

  • Integrated manufacturing solution
  • Innovative supply chain solution
  • Enterprise integration solution
  • Enterprise resource planning solution
  • Portal solution
  • EDI integration
  • Engineering design services

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