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Masters Degree in Canada – MASTERS IN CANADA

It is the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island that are constitutionally responsible for higher education operations.
Although each province differs slightly in the way they manage their higher education system, some similarities remain that can help students planning to study in Canada get an idea of what to expect from the country’s education system. For example, all universities and colleges in Canada grant bachelor’s master’s and PhD degrees while vocational or technical colleges in Canada provide certificates or diplomas. Canadian higher education colleges also include community colleges that offer two year associate’s degrees, colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, provincial institutes and private vocational colleges. If a student is interested in attending a particular Canadian college or university, he or she should visit the website of that particular province to learn more about its unique educational system.

Top Universities in Canada

The University of Toronto consistently ranks high on the list of best universities in world. Offering students access to more academic courses than any other Canadian university as well as the chance to work in recognized research laboratories, UT is considered one of Canada’s top-flight higher education institutions.
Other distinguished Canadian universities include the University of British Columbia, where over 50,000 students enjoy concert halls, museums and a variety of music and athletic programs; and the University of Alberta, a world-respected and research intensive university known for its in-depth curriculum and high standards of learning.

Tuition Fees in Canadian Universities

Average tuition fee for Canadian citizens or permanent residents seeking to earn an undergraduate degree in their country is about $5000 CAD per year. The same students choosing to earn a graduate degree in Canada should expect to pay about $1000 CAD more annually than under graduation tuition fees.
Tuition fees for international students in Canada is higher than Canadian residents–nearly three times the amount, in fact. If you are an international student in Canada, expect to pay $14,000 per year for undergraduate programs and an even higher amount for graduate degrees. Nevertheless, some agreements between certain countries and provinces can lower the tuition fees (France and Quebec for instance). It has been noticed that nonresident students attending Saskatchewan and Quebec universities pay the highest in tuition fees, while international students attending Newfoundland and Manitoba universities will pay the lowest tuition fees. There are very good scholarships in Canadian universities as well.

Eligibility for Study Visas in Canada

To be eligible to obtain a Canadian study visa, students must prove they have been accepted by a college or university in Canada, show they can financially support themselves and pay tuition fees and present a clean record in regards to criminal history. Students may be asked to undergo a medical examination in some cases before a student visa is issued.

Why Study in Canada?

Not only has Canada one of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world, but the country is also worldly renowned for its Higher Education system. Although it may become expensive for international students to attend some schools or universities in Canada, this country also has one of the best reputations regarding quality of education. In addition, Canada provides a peaceful, safe and diverse environment to students, as well as an excellent working conditions and learning atmosphere. Canada, land of multiculturalism, will be the home for students wanting to live a unique experience in the heart of some of the best universities and schools in the world.

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