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Student-centered Approach to IELTS/PTE Training

HURRAY has adopted the individual-focused approach to training in IELTS/PTE, so a candidate gets adequate space to interact with their mentors on the areas that need focused preparation. Additionally, HURRAY’s vigorous, small-group practice sessions have helped candidates raise their IELTS/PTE scores significantly.

Towards enhancing a candidate’s performance, HURRAY has put in place a base score performance-tracking strategy (where a candidate takes an assessment test on his her joining HURRAY), and the subsequent scores in the classroom are then continuously tracked over a period, until the final exam.

Efficacious One-on-One Mentoring in Overseas Education

HURRAY has a team of effective and experienced mentors in the Overseas Education space. Most of HURRAY’s overseas education consultancy is free-of-cost.

Excellent Candidate Performance Track Records

Among HURRAY’s repository of success stories are the ones where candidates challenging with the fundamentals of English grammar went on to get a band score of 9 in IELTS and 90 in PTE. HURRAY’s popularity as one of the best IELTS/PTE coaching institutes in Bangalore can be ascribed to peer-to-peer word-of-mouth marketing!


Sushma Rao

“An excellent coaching center for PTE and IELTS. The trainers take extra care and give personal attention to students and ensure they do their best. I had a great time learning and have got a good score. Great job finding such good trainers, HURRAY!”

Smita Dey Tarafder

“One of the best in its class for PTE/IELTS training. Hurray definitely helps each student to improve with the aid of their excellent curriculum. They have a team of dedicated and equally amazing trainers who offer personal attention to each student with their preparation. All the sections, be it reading,writing, listening or speaking are given equal attention. Apart from the trainers, the admin staff have also been extremely co-operative and helpful. It has been an amazing experience being a part of Hurray. Wishing the entire team of Hurray and the student of this institute a great success. This institute is highly recommended for IELTS/PTE examination.”

Puj TJ

“I was really impressed with Hurray’s study abroad program because it’s a very comprehensive and well planned approach to furthering one’s education, especially because it targets the best institutions which results in high quality education. The trainers are knowledgeable, professional and yet approachable, which enables students to clarify any and all questions they might have. Additionally,the environment is conducive to learning, due to the well equipped classrooms and great infrastructure. The content of the IELTS course seems well structured and meticulously put together to facilitate deeper understanding of the components and to improve English language proficiency.
Would definitely recommend for anyone aspiring to take the IELTS/PTE exams.”

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