Why Study In USA?

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USA has more institutes of higher education than any other country, apart from the number of institutes it is the quality of education provided by these academic bodies which is recognized worldwide. If you check the QS Rankings one would find majority of the top universities apart from the Ivy League are in the US. The faculties of these institutes are leading authorities in their respective fields. The quality of the research programs along with the infrastructure, resources available are ensured with high standards by the faculties.

What Are The Benefits of Studying in The US?

Choice of Universities

Flexible Education System

Gamut of courses

Advanced in Research & Technology

Affordable Education

Top Ranked Institutions

Industry and Employment opportunities

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Higher Education in USA

The education system in the USA is world renowned. There are 4000+ universities in the US offering varied field of specialization in UG, Master’s & doctoral degrees. It is a hub for international students all over the world to choose to study in the US because it prepares them best to take on challenges in the future. It is within your budget with the help of financial aid, scholarships, RA & TA on hand. At the same time the students are allowed to work 20hrs/week during their course of studies and 40hrs/week during holidays. It gives an opportunity to earn while you learn keeping in line with its professional approach of giving a practical exposure to students. It gives better growth prospects worldwide.

The US education system has strong academic & social environment which fosters to academic, professional and personal growth of individuals. The US universities offer value for money, as it is the best investment for the future. There are tier 1, tier2 and tier3 universities that can cater to all cadres of students.

Studying in the USA provides a rich cultural and social experience and a well-rounded approach. It has a flexible education system wherein a student can take a transfer from one course /stream to another or move from one institution to another. This kind of education system makes US different from others. Majority of the top ranked universities amongst the world are in the US. These colleges and universities rank high in the world because of the quality of education provided, the infrastructure and the advanced technology. Some of the most prestigious universities in the USA include Harvard, Yale, and Stanford but there are many other universities within each state which offer a broad curriculum and specified course study in a chosen field. For instance, UCLA in Los Angeles is known for their excellent film program, but Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas attended California State University. It is a very good example of how you do not have to attend an Ivy League school to get a good education.

US have made excellent advancement in its latest technologies that gives students a very good opportunity to make his career in these fields. It has always been providing the research opportunities with a cutting edge technology which gives students a great opportunity to use these latest technologies & advancement that is available in the US.

Majority of Americans get most part of their income from occupational earnings. The highest occupational jobs are Management professionals, physicians, mathematicians, Finance, software engineers, computer engineers, hospitality sectors. It is also the leader in the fields of telecom, medicine, healthcare and genetics. . The student can also take up paid internships in their related fields. During holidays the student is allowed to work for 40hrs per week and on completion of his studies he can work full time for one year which is called as OPT and get a further extension if he is in the stem related program. Once the students complete their OPT they can apply for an H1B for a work permit.

The Academic Year

There are two academic intakes in a year in USA, fall & spring. The major intake being fall., starting typically in late August and beginning of September & the spring intake begins in the month of JAN., but some terms may begin sooner. Some academic years are divided into two semesters, some into four quarters, and some into three quarters. It is important for international students to have everything in place before coming to the USA. Make sure you check with your university the application and the start dates.

Tuition Fees and Length of Study

Tuition fees vary from different universities, so check with the school you plan to attend for exact costs. The duration of the degree also varies, depending upon which degree you plan to pursue. For example, the CNA license only takes about a year and a half, while Pre-Law takes about three to four years in most cases.

Study Possibilities for International Students

International students can choose from a wide-range of courses and career paths to enhance their learning and provide opportunities to advance their career upon return to their native country. There are also many international student groups available on campus at US schools.

A Higher Education Degree from USA enables students to continue their quest for knowledge beyond their mandatory studies and allows them to seek an advanced career outside the domestic education system and be able to work in research or development.

Why Hurray?

Extensive training, practice test, and mock tests
Training head with 25 years of teaching and training experience and expert trainers having experience
in English and IELTS training for more than 2 decades
Excellent Training process and Methodology
Tips and techniques before the beginning of the class and proper feedback at the end.

We have a team of expert counselors who can help you with the end to end admission process from Identifying of Universities to the Visa counseling.

We have expert counselors who can help you with the end to end admission process from Identifying of Universities to the Visa counseling.

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