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Planning to Study Abroad? Give Germany a Thought!

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Bread, beer, castles, music---are some of the visuals that Germany is usually associated with; so are its vast mountains and rivers. What also make this European country popular is its education environment that draws a massive number of international students every year.

It’s worth noting that a report released by German Embassy New Delhi and DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service last year revealed that Indians comprise the second largest group of international students enrolled at German universities.

What is it about Germany that makes it a destination for higher education? Let’s take a peek into some of the reasons.

Highly qualitative and supportive research-oriented education

Strongly focused on innovation, research and practice-based studies, Germany is a suitable study destination for students who plan to pursue research-oriented subjects. There are excellent research opportunities that German universities offer to international PhD students and researchers.

International researchers are also supported with postdoctoral jobs and fellowships by large research funding organisations and public/private-sector non-university research institutions.

Relaxation in visa acquisition and residence permit

The German government invests a large amount in the higher education sector—spanning quality of education and infrastructure. Additionally, the moderate entry requirements ensure international students can easily apply for the courses on offer. Upon completion of his/her education, an international student is also given permit to stay in Germany for a period of 18 months. What’s more, there are not much complexities involved in international students getting a residence permit in Germany.

Low or no tuition fees for state-funded institutions

As per a policy that reportedly came into effect in October 2014, all international students enrolling at a public-funded institute in Germany are free from paying normal tuition fees (barring a few administrative costs like student union fee, student contribution, and a public transport ticket).

Now, doesn’t that make a Germany a darling of a study-abroad destination to aspire for?

Ample scholarship programmes

Fresh ideas by international students are recognized by the German government, so is the fact that students contribute with their knowledge they carry from their home countries.

International students with excellent academic records can avail of a wide range of scholarship programmes for funding their overseas education in Germany.

While we would highly recommend you Germany as a study-abroad destination, we would also like to familiarize you with the challenges that you need to take into account. But worry not, for our Overseas Counselling team’s individual-focused guidance would ensure you offload some of your burden, and gear up for your higher study in Germany.

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